Bigfoot Rescue Squad- Audiobook

Bigfoot has always wondered what happened to his friend Bob who was lost in space a hundred years ago. But one day while Bigfoot is watching tv, he sees a picture of Bob on Mars. He must gather his squad to help bring Bob back from Mars before NASA discovers him. Join our heroes in their adventure to race against the clock and bring their friend Bob back before the entire universe learns of the sasquatch living on Mars.

This is a cozy adventure that will make you laugh out loud and have you rooting for every member of the Bigfoot Rescue Squad. It is a heartfelt tale about forgiveness and the lengths a group of friends will go to get back one of their own.


"Neither of us will forget the other because we have both received something priceless today."
-Captain Vert

Meet the Squad



The Leader


The Lost One


The Planner


The Musician


The Muscle

Product Details

Published by: Always Open Books

Author: Logan Poore

Narrated: Logan Poore

Duration: 2Hr 59Min

Language: English

File Size: 246MB

File Format: MP3


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